Imported Hardwoods Since 1947

Roy Newman founded Newman Lumber Co. in 1947. Following his military service in WWII, he went to Honduras, where he acquired a job in a Mahogany logging operation. Newman remained in Honduras for seven years before returning to the United States.

Upon returning to the U.S., he began selling Genuine Mahogany to furniture plants. This experience convinced Newman that there was a viable market for quality wood in the United States and internationally.

Newman Lumber is still a family-owned business with Roy Newman's son, Doug, and daughters, Cindy Newman and Roianne Gutierrez running the daily operations.

Newman Lumber Company is committed to sustainable forest management

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From US Builders Review

"Over the years, the business has diversified and now offers a range of different woods. However, mahogany continues to lead the way in Newman Lumber Company's line of fine wood products. Clients can purchase genuine mahogany, Mara Macho, Spanish cedar, Sapele, Santos mahogany, Peruvian walnut, Jatoba and Cerejeira; these South American and African hardwoods are popular for dark, rich coloring and durability. The team kiln-dries all product to ensure wood is seasoned perfectly for each application." US Builders Review (full article)
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