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Genuine Mahogany, the King of Woods

Recently, Genuine Mahogany has been making a major comeback in the US woodworking industry. It is highly regarded in value when compared to other wood species such as traditional Western Red Cedar. When given the choice between exotic hardwood such as Genuine Mahogany or a softwood like Western Red Cedar, you can bet that Genuine… Read More

Is your Genuine Mahogany the “Real Deal”?

Recent discoveries reveal that major home improvement retailers and lumber companies have been passing off false Mahoganies as Genuine Mahogany.A major retail home store has been involved in a class action suit for deceptive labeling of wood as “Mahogany.” The wood they sold under the “Mahogany” label was actually wood of the Eucalyptus variety (from the… Read More

Newman Lumber 2017 Feature

By Paul Miller Jr. Gulfport, MS– For 70 years customers around the globe have chosen Newman Lumber as their primary source for Genuine Mahogany and along with a plethora of other fine imported hardwoods. Newman Lumber started in 1947 a mere 2 years after the end of WWII. Roy Newman served in the Merchant Marines… Read More

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