Is your Genuine Mahogany the “Real Deal”?

Recent discoveries reveal that major home improvement retailers and lumber companies have been passing off false Mahoganies as Genuine Mahogany.
A major retail home store has been involved in a class action suit for deceptive labeling of wood as “Mahogany.” The wood they sold under the “Mahogany” label was actually wood of the Eucalyptus variety (from the Fabaceae and Myrtaceae families), which is cheaper and lower in quality than Genuine Mahogany.
Non-traditional lumber companies have also been misleading consumers by deeming Philippine Mahogany as Genuine Mahogany. In reality, “Philippine Mahogany” is a term used for Meranti wood species, from the Shorea genus. We want you to know exactly what to expect when considering Genuine Mahogany.
Next time you are looking to purchase superior quality lumber for cabinetry or woodworking, do remember to ask for it by name “Genuine Mahogany.”Newman Lumber Company has all of the Genuine Mahogany you need.

“Mine is! I only purchase from the Most Trusted name in MAHOGANY, NEWMAN…..Why because no one knows it better than Newman. They are the gold standard and why take a chance. The finest patterns in the business are made with Mahogany from the finest importer in the business, NEWMAN. Ask me how I know.”


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