Genuine Mahogany, the King of Woods

Recently, Genuine Mahogany has been making a major comeback in the US
woodworking industry. It is highly regarded in value when compared to other wood species such as traditional Western Red Cedar. When given the choice between exotic hardwood such as Genuine Mahogany or a softwood like Western Red Cedar, you can bet that Genuine Mahogany will win.
One of the benefits of Genuine Mahogany over other wood species is its ability to take stain. The stain color options that builders and architects have are remarkable. There’s a great variety of stain colors that suit tastes of every kind. Homeowners, builders, and architects alike prefer Genuine Mahogany for its wide availability. Genuine Mahogany is back to its rightful place as the King of Woods! Don’t miss out on this precious wood species for all your woodworking needs. Contact Newman Lumber Company today for all your Genuine Mahogany needs.

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Genuine Mahogany is popularly used in the creation of fine furniture, cabinets, flooring, interior trim panels, musical instruments, boats, fancy veneers, pattern making, turnery, and carving.

Its heartwood is a reddish salmon color, or yellow when fresh. As the wood ages, its color deepens to a rich red or brown, distinct from other lighter specimens of wood. Genuine Mahogany has a high golden luster with a fine to coarse texture and its straight grain often gives it an attractive figure. These qualities and more make Genuine Mahogany a superior material, prized by woodworkers and craftsmen from all over.

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